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Learning Should Always Be Fun

Sweet Pea Preschool strives to provide quality early childhood education. Our curriculum is thoughtfully constructed based on research-based best practices & our  experience. Our daily schedule includes developmentally appropriate math and literacy activities and hands-on sensory play. We use themes that young children enjoy and connect with such as animals, nature, and colors. Exploring multiple subjects within each theme, students are able to link concepts together and create a deep understanding. Teaching the “whole child” is a critical part of our program. Learning appropriate social skills are embedded throughout our day, as well as explicitly taught. Our students learn and practice social skills like making friends, taking turns, and being respectful with words and actions.
Sweet Pea Preschool 2019-2019 School Year

Sweet Pea Yearly Curriculum Schedule

Month Theme Letters Nursery
Rhymes and Poems
Shapes Math
September Family & Me Rules, Schools A Z

Singing Time, The Eensy, Weensy Spider, Hickety,Pickety,My Black Hen,This is the Way Ladies Ride, To Market, To Market

Songs:Hush Little Baby, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, The Wheels on the Bus, 5 Little Ducks

Rectangle Classifications Parts of the Body
October Discovering Fall Safety, Harvest, Colors P,O,Y Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater, Bat, Bat, Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie
Jar, Jack-O-LanterSongs: Pop Goes the Weasel, Did You Ever See a Lassie, Happy Birthday
to You, If your Happy and You Know it
Circle Patterns My 5 Senses

Giving Thanks



A Hunting We Will Go, Pease Porridge, 5 Little Monkeys, One Potato Two Potato, Rumpitty, Tumpitty

Songs: Kookaburra, Oh Dear What Can the Matter be, Bingo, Looby Loo

Square Numbers,
Number Value
Human needs, Animal needs
December Winter, Hibernation, Celebrations D,R,C Polly Put the Kettle On, Wee Willie Winkie, Teddy Bear, Open Shut Them, Diddle
Diddle Dumpling My Son JohnSongs: Jingle bells, We Wish You a Merry
Christmas, Twinkle Twinkle
Little Star, Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel
Star Geometry
World intro, Air, Water
January Winter Igloo, Penguin/Polar Bears W,M,J,I The Pancake, Jump or Jiggle, Where is Thumbkin, Here is a Beehive, Tom, Tom
the Pipers SonSongs: Are you sleeping?, A tisket a tasket,
Rock a bye baby
Crescent Patterns Habitats: North and South pole, Jungle, Desert, Ocean
February Love/Friendship
Community Helpers
L,V,H,U This Little Piggy Went to Market, Pussy Cat Pussy Cat, Lucy Locket, Ring
Around the Rosey, Pat a CakeSongs: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, Lazy Mary, Do You Know the
Muffin Man, I’m a Little Teapot
Heart Measurements Light, Day and Night, Shadows
March Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
N,G,T,X Once I Saw a Little Bird, One Misty, Moisty Morning, Two Little Blackbirds,
Betty Botter, One for the MoneySongs: I Know an Old Lady, Oh Where, Oh Where has my Little Dog Gone,
Here We go Around the Mulberry Bush
Triangle Pattern
Habitat: Pond and Animals
April Garden Discovering Spring Q,B,E,S Raindrops, Doctor Foster, Rain Rain Go Away,There was a Crooked Man, Ride a Cock
HorseSongs: The Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Oats Peas
Beans and Barley Grow, Row Row Row Your Boat
Oval Money Plants, Butterflies

Farm Animals



The Worm, Jilliky Jolliky, Peter Piper, At the Seaside, Tippety Tippety

Songs: You are My Sunshine, Yankee Doodle, Old

Diamond Computation Add and Subtract Habitat; Farm Animals, same and different

Classes are rotated on weekly themes and published in the spring. All
summer classes are reserved in the order signed up for.

***Curriculum schedule is not guaranteed and may change per individual
teacher with directors prior approval.

Core Curriculum


Sweet pea preschool is a great place for children to grow socially and emotionally.

Sabreezy Zeglinski

5 Stars for the great care they provided my daughter!

Monica Moscato

We have two children that attend sweet pea..and have NEVER seen, more less experienced any issues with the staff or the facility..the staff have always been professional and dedicated to the quality of child care parents expect..the director Mrs Erin has gone above and beyond on multiple occasions to accommodate our personal needs..I wholeheartedly feel that the children are #1 in the staff’s priority’s..we WOULD,HAVE AND WILL recommend this preschool to family and friends!! Thank you MRS Erin and staff for the service you provide for the children of our little Milwaukie. Sincerely, Jenny m. And family.

Jenny Mcadams

As a first time, mom putting a child into preschool, was a delicate thing. I was very picky. I was blessed to find Sweet peas! The facility is clean, organized, and filled with fun interacting learning for toddlers. The staff is excellent! Very attentive to the needs of each child. If I have any issue at all they are quick to address it and are very approachable. They often have theme weeks, where the kids get to express themselves individually. They celebrate birthdays and other special days with healthy snacks and fun. My daughter feels so loved and safe here. She’s always excited to go to school and brings home beautiful projects and stories! I love that I have access to daily reports and pictures of my little ones activities. Thank you sweet pea for being so awesome!! I recommend you guys to everyone

Roxy Vanni

My wife and I both work full time and it was a huge relief to have an affordable, safe place for our son to be while we worked and it was really nice to have the peace of mind to know he was learning everyday as well. My son is at the top of his 5th grade class and is testing way above the state average and I know it was from the jump start he got at Sweet Pea Preschool.

Daniel Kemble

Thank you for your amazing, wonderful help over the last 3 years. When we brought Noelle to your school, we felt instantly calm and safe to enroll our little one. Now, 3 years later, as we are moving away we are so very grateful for you and all that you have taught our daughter and us! We will miss you very much! Thank you for shaping our daughter into the kind, caring and crazy girl she is.

Ivie Family

Thank you for taking such good care of our little girl.  She has had a good time and has made a lot of friends.

Horner Family

I am a single mom, who was in need of a preschool, daycare and after school care for my boys, now 3 and 7.  I toured a lot of places and had many referrals. I even tried a couple for a week at a time. I was not happy with any, until Sweet Pea Preschool… I appreciated being able to talk to her honestly about the business and about my kids on a daily basis.

Greenleaf Family

I would just like to compliment you and your staff on the fine curriculum you all implement, many of our family members have commented on Fiona’s skills with numbers and letters. She has really excelled at her ability with numbers this year and the music has been great as well. Fiona will often just start singing many of the different children rhymes spontaneously and repeating them correctly with clear enjoyment.

Leffler Family