Research shows that when parents and families are involved, children and schools are more successful. This article contains resources to help parents and other family members to encourage and support them in their involvement in their child’s academic progress through the pre-kindergarten years and into kindergarten.

We encourage teachers to copy these resources and give them to parents. Some teachers and early care providers like to send these resources home with the children, while others have found it more useful to give them to families at a face-to-face meeting. You should decide what will work best in your program. You can use all of the resources listed here, or just choose what will be most useful for you.

Getting to Know My Child: A Guide for My Child’s Kindergarten Teacher

This is a booklet for parents to fill out and either give to their child’s pre-kindergarten teacher as part of an Early Learning Passport or it can be a separate packet of information parents can give directly to their child’s kindergarten teacher at the beginning of the school year. Go to Getting to Know My Child: A Guide for My Child’s Kindergarten Teacher.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten Handouts

Within this resource there are seven handouts for parents on different aspects of early childhood development. Teachers can give one out each month with their newsletter over the course of the year, or give them out at parent meetings. Go to Getting Ready for Kindergarten handouts.